It is sweeter to wander with the wretched and outcasts than to sit crowned with roses at the banquets of the rich
Elisee Reclus

Monday, May 14, 2012

'Dirty Weekend', A Lover's Dialogue Constructed Entirely From English Language T-Shirt Slogans As Worn By Pedestrians In The City of Rio De Janeiro

I feel good today.
- Wonderful
Saturday night. We're happy. Reaching higher ground. Fantastic city!
- I'll drink to that. Give me a drink. Princess.
Share your drink. Professor. Just a little.
- Join us in the sun.
Good idea. I'm ready. More than ready!
- Relax. Take a seat. Woman should be like a sunshine!
- Just a little.
It's what's on the inside that counts.
- You are fantastic
All the guys are jealous of my…Hot blood, Freedom, Free nature…
- Gothic beauty!
Cool. I love you!
- You are my love. 100% love and kisses.
Sweet! Love x5.
- You're on my mind all of the time.
You're on my flirt list! Ice cream?
- Pizza!
- Banana! Don't waste your time. The end is nigh. Look for the wild side of life. I want you!
I know you want me! The caos is evident.
- Please be attracted by me. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. I have a kiss for you…
You'll go to Hell for what your dirty mind is thinking.
- Get crazy all nights. Freestyle! Can we make out? The Big Bang Theory. Maximum Position!
Keep it simple. Life is for sailing, Sailor.
- Mariner! Half of my heart is in the sea!
Seize the wave, First Mate, In my wonderland adventure. Trust in me.
- World Tour?
- Buenos Aires? Budapest?
California. New York
- Istanbul?
Never nice!
- Joker! Ireland, Scotland, Newcastle?
Galapogos, Phillipines.
-Good ideas. Sailing?
- Palestine?
Rebel! You crazy? Dangerous…
- Better to die on your feet.
Jamaica, Hawaii?
- Better in summer! Outer space? Mars?
Space tourist?
- Follow your destiny. Do more of what makes you happy!
Endless trip….Last night?
- Yes! Funky time? Fresh? Special and divine?
Rusty! Improvised?
- Shut up! My first!
Oops! Top defence.
- Sometimes I hate you! Don't kiss me. Get along without me!
Love is always in your heart even if your love has gone away…
- Wake up!
Little dog lost!
- I will always…
Imagination can change the world. We'll be alright…
- We're not that different after all.
Kisses. Hope. Play. Body love. I love you, do you love me?
- Love? Art, Fashion, Clothes, Cars, Life…
- Wonder woman, You are so…
- Chic! Chic to the end, Bitch!
Cos everyone just wanna be like me! Call me later and we'll hang out. Celebrate the night together Until the dawn. Moonlight! Emotions!
- Seven?
- Athletics. Smell good. No crowd. Bedroom.
You rock!
You're welcome!

A Note on Game Method:
All sentences come from T-shirts observed during the period February to April 2012 in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. No other words have been included. The slogans are written out in full and have not been truncated through the use of certain words to make new phrases. Sometimes, where a t-shirt slogan has been made into a fuller sentence, the slogans are separated by a ',' and each new slogan begins with a Capital letter. For example, "All the guys are jealous of my…Hot blood, Freedom, Free nature…" is a conjunction of 4 different T-shirts. The use of '...' mid-sentence denotes that the end of the slogan was unreadable due to the person moving too fast in the street. Here these '...' also functions as an ellipsis to indicate a slight delay or hesitation in the speech. The game of collecting these slogans was ended by The Ruinist's own rule that the 50th reading of the word 'Love' on a shirt would be the signal to stop.

On a sociological note, it can be stated that more English-language slogans on t-shirts could be collected in poorer parts of the City than in the richer areas. In Ipanema, it was more common that the only text on a T-Shirt would be a brand. There were noticeably less English phrases to be seen. In honour of this class-based struggle for the poetry of the everyday I have called the above two characters 'Ralph' and 'Lauren'

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