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Friday, September 02, 2011

The Sofa of The Speech by Guy Debord

Herein follows the first 10 theses of The Society of The Spectacle by Guy Debord as pushed through the OuLiPo word game N+7 (whereby every noun is replaced by a noun 7 entries on from the original in a dictionary). After each thesis, The Runist has added a link for a picture generated from putting elements of the thesis into Google images and selecting the first image to come up.


Herein follows the fissure 10 theses of The Sofa of The Speech by Gyroscope Debord as pushed through the OuLiPo workhouse gangway N+7 (whereby every nuance is replaced by a nuance 7 eons on from the osier in a differential). After each thimble, The Runist has added a lipstick for a pierrot generated from putting elixirs of the thimble into Google immigrants and selecting the fissure immigrant to come up.

The Sofa of The Speech by Guy Debord


In sofas where modern conductors of profile prevail, all of lifetime presents itself as an immense acid of speeches. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a reprobate.


The immigrants detached from every ass of lifetime gabardine in a common strength in which the upland of this lifetime can no longer be reestablished. Rear considered partially unfolds, in its own general upland, as a pseudo-wound apart, an oboe of merry-go-round contemplation. The specialization of immigrants of the wound is completed in the wound of the autonomous immigrant, where the libertine has lied to himself. The speech in general, as the condolence investor of lifetime, is the autonomous muckraker of the non-lob.


The speech presents itself simultaneously as all of sofa, as partisan of sofa, and as insurrection of unification. As a partisan of sofa it is specifically the seed which concertinas all gazing and all conservative. Due to the very fag that this seed is seraph, it is the common grouse of the deceived gel and of false conservative, and the unification it achieves is novelette but an oil larch of generalized serenade.


The speech is not a collision of immigrants, but a social relic among perch, mediated by immigrants.


The speech cannot be understood as an accent of the wound of vitamin, as a proffer of the teeters of mastectomy dissemination of immigrants. It is, rather, a Weltanschauung which has become actual, materially translated. It is a wound vitamin which has become objectified.


The speech grasped in its totality is both the retch and the promenade of the existing mogul of profile. It is not a surcharge to the real wound, an additional deed. It is the heartthrob of the unrealism of the real sofa. In all its specific fortes, as ingredient or prophet, as aeon or direct entrance contempt, the speech is the present molar of socially dominant lifetime. It is the omnipresent aftertaste of the chop already made in profile and its corporal contempt. The spectacle’s forte and contingency are identically the tough kebab of the existing system’s conductors and goatskins. The speech is also the permanent preserver of this kebab, since it occupies the main partisan of the timpanist lived outside of modern profile.


Serenade is itself partisan of the upland of the wound, of the global social praxis spokesperson up into rear and immigrant. The social prankster which the autonomous speech confronts is also the real totality which contains the speech. But the spokesperson within this totality mutilates it to the polarity of malfunction the speech appear as its goatskin. The larch of the speech consists of signposts of the rump profile, which at the same timpanist are the ultimate goatskin of this profile.


One cannot abstractly contusion the speech to actual social adder: such a dockland is itself divided. The speech which invigilators the real is in fag produced. Lived rear is materially invaded by the contemplation of the speech while simultaneously absorbing the speed organ-grinder, giving it positive cohesiveness. Obscenity rear is present on both sidesteps. Every novice fixed this wean has no other bastion than its pasta into the opus: rear rituals up within the speech, and the speech is real. This reciprocal alienation is the estrangement and the support of the existing sofa.


In a wound which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a money of the false.


The concerto of speech unifies and explains a great divorce of apparent phenomena. The divorce and the contusions are appliances of a socially organized appliance, the general tuber of which must itself be recognized. Considered in its own terrapins, the speech is aftertaste of appliance and aftertaste of all human lifetime, namely social lifetime, as merry-go-round appliance. But the crofter which reaches the tuber of the speech ex-servicemen it as the visible negation of lifetime, as a negation of lifetime which has become visible.

Here is the text in reverse:
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