It is sweeter to wander with the wretched and outcasts than to sit crowned with roses at the banquets of the rich
Elisee Reclus

Monday, January 06, 2014

Brixton Christmassacre

The Ruinist in their everyday travels often saunters gaily or slithers melancholicly down Barnwell Rd in Brixton SW9 on their way to no-one knows. In a kind of sick and obsessive fascination or morbid compulsive curiousity, The Ruinist observes the latest domestic knick kancks of style that come and go on the road. Once a road of much more proletarian-done-well terraced residences in neat and functional 'workers cottages' (some might say), Barnwell Rd has become over the last 20 years one the best views of gentrif(r)ied Brixton at it's most Yuk! The Ruinist oft refers to such roads in Brixton as 'The Colonies' as here is the gentrifrying colonising class in action.

Here follows a Christmas Photo Essay of one thing that could in fact be of another thing. Today The Ruinist observed on their usual rat race run through the place, an excessive number of dumped Xmas trees forlorn and no longer upholding 100% use-value. There were 13 evicted Xmas trees strewn along the road without a care to say 'We had one and now we don't and here it is!'. Instead, the tree, formerly alive before the Xmas chop, is now on its way to an early grave in the landfill. No longer Harking the Herald Angels. No longer the Season to be Jolly. Good King Wenceslas was no longer Looking Out. Not even to be chipped and re-integrate into bourgeois styles of overly-pruned rounded petite tree in glazed ceramic pot surrounding by grey granite slabs and grey chipped stones and wood chips straight outta TV aspirational reality gardening programmes. Zero maintenance.

The other thing this could be is a study of The Ruinist's much hated conspicuous overconsumption displays of stuff, of 'things', of too much. Nestled in the pictures are the very common Barnwell Rd feature, the front garden storage metal shed (not cheap! £300 to £400) or plain common wooden shed (very neat). Having bought your £600,000 three bedroom flat in New Brixton, you would need more storage space because you have TOO MUCH STUFF.

As some Surrealists had said before:

 'Having been found injurious to the human spirit these buildings have been condemned'


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