It is sweeter to wander with the wretched and outcasts than to sit crowned with roses at the banquets of the rich
Elisee Reclus

Thursday, November 03, 2005

From One Thing to The Next Thing

The Internet posting thing spreads its weary tentacles further enabling realms of communication that are at once fascinatingly novel but also unevenly open, or more so full of pain and sadness.
But everything is neutral..except in the arms of your lover(s) or in arms with your comrades (a dream)...

Here The Ruinist (trying not to ruin too much) begans once again to post on the crest of a re-begin on a new thread, inspired (once again) by the ever-tangling threads that we are weaving here...

Next topic (maybe)...Aesthetics + Art + the desire to grasp the Anti-Politics of the times....and my back to the future ventures in the creeped-out world of The Gallery.

Give up Art to fully realise it. Live a little so that you can go much easier on yourself.


amychan said...

I now know what you mean when you say that you and the cat are very alike... x.x

mink said...

Is Puddington Jewish?